What is .htaccess?

Htaccess stands for Hypertext Access. It’s a configuration file used by Apache web servers. Configuration files set the initial parameters of a program, or in this case the server. This means that the .htacess file can be used to set up the operation of the server. Each function is a line of text or code … Read more

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source website creation and management software based on the PHP server programming language. Despite the increasing appearance of new entrants to the website creation market, it has remained the undisputed leader for many years. More than one in 2 websites worldwide uses this content management system (CMS)! But … Read more

How to upgrade your WordPress website to https

On today’s internet, we share more and more sensitive data such as bank and credit card details or login credentials, all several times a day. As a site owner, especially if you have an online shop and/or handle banking or other sensitive information, you have a responsibility to keep it safe. One of the most … Read more

What is the Robots.txt file and how to use it?

The Robots.txt file was invented in 1994, at a time when the passage of Google robots could bring down a website due to server overload. At the time, it was necessary to limit the number of robots passing over the site for reasons of server capacity.Today, with server capacities having greatly increased, the usefulness of … Read more